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Vikings from Norway take on PROTOS distribution

The Scandinavian countries: once the home of the dreaded Vikings, known for plunder, robbing and slaughter are now forerunners when it comes to safety. In particular when rigging is involved.

Following Swedish Bellalite, this time around Oslo based Multitechnic took possession of the distribution of PROTOS force measuring and rigging for Norway.

“Being mainly involved in the rigging industry for almost 3 decades, we believe that force measuring is the next logical development and we are pleased to be included in the rapidly growing network of PROTOS” says Lars Berge, owner and MD of Multitechnic.

“We believe that force measuring equipment is not only interesting for entertainment rigging, but also for the offshore and oil industry, strongly represented in Norway. Force measuring is partly and will soon be considered a standard safety measure.”

Aside from the safety aspect, PROTOS Force Measuring equipment offers excellent business opportunities for Multitechnic. Being able to offer the latest technology at a competitive price point with excellent service is something that Multitechnic has been known for for years.

During the next quarter, Multitechnic will announce seminars and trainings for its customers in order to familiarize potential users with the unique features PROTOS force measuring and rigging offers.


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