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The VOYAGER model XL comes in one body size. The D8 version, weighing in at 46 kg with an significant lifting capacity of 2000 kg.

Similar as the rest of the VOYAGER range, the model XL operates using a single fall lifting chain which making this hoist unique within this lifting class due to half the chain length dramatically decreasing self weight. Single fall also reduces the risk of tangled lifting chain, a problem usually associated with hoists within this category.

The model XL is available with 4m/min lifting speed and can be ordered with direct or low voltage control (42V standard). The helical gearing with geometric optimisation and the 5 pocket load wheel ensure quiet operation. The case hardened and manganese phosphate treatment of the chain increases life span due to better protection against corrosion while decreasing wear when running dry. Textile chain bags for various lifting heights are available.


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