PROTOS workshop at the Controllux Headquarters

On Thursday, the 3rd of October, 2019, around 20 people gathered at the Dutch Controllux Headquarters to get educated on PROTOS products and general safety issues related to force measuring equipment.

The first half of the day consisted of Technical Manager Jasper van der Sluis breaking down every product in the PROTOS Force Measuring range, from the Load Cells themselves to the receivers, anemometers and software. Afterwards he went into detail about practical uses of Load Cells and about why using them is absolutely necessary for many projects. During this, he went into detail about actual projects where Force Monitoring was used and his own extensive experience with them.

After a short lunch break the second half of the workshop commenced. This half was hosted by Ivo Mulder, who previously worked as a Structural Engineer at Prolyte for 18 years and is now owner of IM Structural Event Engineering. Before moving on to practical issues, Ivo outlined a few of the more complicated projects he worked on where Load Cells made a big difference.

After an explanation about the complexities of weight distribution, Ivo put it to the test by setting up a live situation with a span of truss and three hoists. Showing those in attendance that these things are often not as simple as they seem.

This was followed by an in-depth look at the PROTOS monitoring software and it’s functionality.

In closing Jasper and Ivo taught the attendees about the roll friction plays in Force Measurement. Something people often don’t consider while rigging.

At the end of the session all participants received a certificate of attendance.


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